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When the whole is less than the sum of all parts – Tracking global-level impacts of national sustainability initiatives

Downing, A.S, Wong, G.Y., Dyer, M., Aguiar, A.P., Selomane, O., Jim, A. and Aceituno, A.
Publication: Global Environmental Change
2021 - Journal Articles

In this study, we investigate effects of reforestation programs in China on countries supplying forest and agricultural commodities to China. Using case studies of rubber and palm oil production in Southeast Asian countries, soy production in Brazil and logging in South Pacific Island states, we investigate cross-sector effects of production for and trade to China in these exporting countries.

Co-exploring relational heuristics for sustainability transitions towards more resilient and just Anthropocene futures

R. Preiser, R. Biggs, M. Hamann, N. Sitas, O. Selomane, J. Waddell, H. Clements, T. Hichert
Publication: Systems Research and Behavioural Science.
2021 - Journal Articles

In this paper, four relational heuristic responses for re-imagining modes of engagement or patterns of activity that could enliven efforts of fostering systemic thinking and action to inform sustainability transitions towards more resilient and just Anthropocene futures are offered.

Analyzing the contributions of transdisciplinary research to the global sustainability agenda in African cities

Thiam, S., Aziz, F., Kushitor, S.B., Amaka‑Otchere, A. B. K., Onyima, B. N., and Odume, O. N.
Publication: Sustainability Science
2021 - Journal Articles

Five years into the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) journey, the world is not on track to achieve the set goals (United Nations 2020b). With only minimal progress made, Sub-Saharan Africa countries are lagging in implementing these global goals. The COVID-19 pandemic presents another threat to the SDGs, negatively impacting economies and societies worldwide.

Assessing the outcomes of implementing natural open space plans in a Global South city

Wessels, N., Sitas, N., O'Farrell, P., and Esler, K.J.
Publication: Landscape and Urban Planning
2021 - Journal Articles

We present a practical approach to assess the outcomes of implementing natural open space plans in urban areas, especially for the local (municipal) level where resource challenges may hinder assessment.

Grounding global environmental assessments through bottom-up futures based on local practices and perspectives

Pereira, L., Asrar, G., Bhargava, R., Fisher, L., Hsu, A., Jabbour, J., Nel, J., Selomane, O., Sitas, N., Trisos, C., Ward, J., van den Ende, M., Vervoort, J. & Weinfurter, A.
Publication: Sustainability Science
2021 - Journal Articles

The rapid pace and scale of societal and environmental changes in the anthropocene necessitate important changes in how integrated scientific assessments are carried out to account for such changes from local to regional and global levels. Contemporary global environmental assessments are shifting focus from only synthesizing the current state of knowledge towards understanding transformations and interventions needed to mitigate and manage environmental risks