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Advancing understanding of natural resource governance: a post-Ostrom research agenda

G. S. Cumming; S. Chawla; G. G. Gurney; T. H. Morrison; G. Epstein; J. M. Anderies; C. I. Apetrei; J. Baggio; Bodin; M. Schlüter; H. S. Clements; M. Cox; L. Egli; R. Seppelt; B. Müller; M. Lubell; N. Magliocca; H. Unnikrishnan; S. Villamayor-Tomas; C. M.
Publication: Environmental Sustainability
2020 - Journal Articles

In our current context of global environmental change, the need for effective institutions (i.e., formal laws, rules, norms and customs) to moderate human impacts, through environmental governance and management, has never been greater.

Adopting process-relational perspectives to tackle the challenges of socialecological systems research

Mancilla García, M., T. Hertz, M. Schlüter, R. Preiser, and M. Woermann
Publication: Ecology and Society
2020 - Journal Articles

In this paper, we demonstrate that adopting a process relational perspective, which focuses on nonequilibrium dynamics and relations between processes, provides novel opportunities to advance SES research.

Using A Social‐ecological Regime Shift Approach to Understand the Transition from Livestock to Game Farming in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Achieng, T., Maciejewski, K., Dyer, M. and Biggs, R.
Publication: Land
2020 - Journal Articles

This study explored the shift in land use from livestock farming to game farming in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, from a social‐ecological regime shift perspective.

Food System Transformation: Integrating a Political–Economy and Social–Ecological Approach to Regime Shifts

Pereira, L.M., Drimie, S., Maciejewski, K., Bon Tonissen, P. and Biggs, R.
Publication: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
2020 - Journal Articles

It is increasingly apparent that a deep transformation in the way we produce and consume food is needed in order to ensure a more just and sustainable future.

Effectiveness of private land conservation areas in maintaining natural land cover and biodiversity intactness

Shumba, T.,De Vos, A., Biggs, R., Esler, K.J., Ament, J.M., Clements, H.S.
Publication: Global Ecology and Conservation
2020 - Journal Articles

Private land conservation areas are increasingly looked to for meeting the deficit left by state-owned protected areas in reaching global conservation targets.