Student-led Project

Innovations for sustainable transitions: An exploration of the social and technical innovations of the iShack project for driving incremental upgrading in Enkanini, Stellenbosch. (Tom Lillyman)

Project Leader(s):

This research aims to document the social and technical innovations of the iShack project which has arguably driven incremental upgrading in the informal settlement of Enkanini, Stellenbosch. Emphasis is placed on documenting the stories and the learning process(es) of the iShack project through the medium of semi-structured interviews, observations and field notes.

Fundamentally, the research focuses on the iShack story of innovation, specifically what one would call the dynamics of transition, which involves social and technical drivers of particular innovations (starting at the beginning), what the key turning points were, what changes were introduced at particular turning points, and then what can be learnt about innovation in an informal settlement type context – so called grassroots innovation.

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