Mlondi Ndovela


Mlondi Ndovela holds three degrees – a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning and Development, BA (Hons) in Development Studies, and a MA in Development Studies (specialising in regional economics) – all obtained from the University of Zululand, in South Africa. Mlondi is currently completing his PhD, which focuses on building a hybrid model that accounts for energy and climate impact, real economy, and financial feedback loops, as well as help to provide a coherent empirical analysis of macroeconomic implications to the energy transition.

In addition, Mlondi’s PhD falls within a joint project between the Centre for Sustainability Transitions and partner institutions, Agence Française de Développement, the University of Cape Town, the South African National Treasury, and the Development Bank for Southern Africa, under the banner of Southern Africa – Towards Inclusive Economic Development (SATIED). In this project Mlondi is a project co-ordinator and leads the climate change scenarios. Mlondi is also a research consultant for the United Nations University.

Field of research

  • Energy transitions
  • Energy economics
  • Non-equilibrium economics