Student Feedback

The Purpose of Student Feedback


Student feedback should primarily be used to support lecturers in their professional learning and growth. Secondary to this, student feedback can also be used as part of performance appraisal processes, but never as the single source of information for evaluating teaching.

The Value of Student Feedback

Student feedback is widely accepted as a useful source of information about the quality of teaching and as a potential professional learning tool to enhance teaching. As part of the teaching and learning process, student feedback can:

  • help lecturers to improve their own teaching
  • promote reflective practice as part of professional teaching practice
  • help to ensure the effectiveness of course design and delivery
  • enable dialogue with students and help to make the classroom environment more conducive for learning
  • enhance the students’ experience of learning and teaching
  • serve as one of multiple sources of information to identify good teaching practice
  • serve as an additional source of information during quality assurance.