Alumni Digital Newsletter | Issue 2 | Spring 2017

You start your studies next year - what do you look forward to most?
An LLM at Cambridge University will allow me to interact with lecturers who have years of experience in their fields as well as students from a diversity of backgrounds. The value and knowledge that one can acquire from this type of engagement cannot be found in a textbook. The network platform that Chevening provides is also incredible and I look forward to meeting my fellow scholars.
To attend Cambridge University has always been a dream not only for their excellent academic reputation but for the history and tradition that makes Cambridge so special. Furthermore, I am excited to experience a different country and culture.

What is your field of study and why?
I will be pursuing a Master of Law specialising in International Law. The reality still remains that despite South Africa’s progressive and transformative Constitution, many of our basic rights do not filter down to the majority of South Africans. I believe that effective policy, and forward-thinking litigation, that achieve both preventive measures and redress of past rights violations, are crucial to achieving our goals faster. My position as Law Researcher at the Constitutional Court of South Africa and Liaison Commissioner for the Venice Commission in 2015, cemented my desire to learn more about international and foreign law. I constantly made use of these sources to analyse legal counsels argument and to compile legal opinion memorandum. They are exceptional tools that can be used to inform policy and advocate for the development and specific interpretation of our law.

What are your dreams for the future?
I would like to be admitted as an advocate and represent public interest organisations in South Africa. My hope is to contribute to the continuing evolution of law in South Africa, holding government accountable and ensuring protection of fundamental rights through litigation.

What are your dreams for our country?
My dream for our country is the substantive realisation of rights. It is our duty as young South Africans to fight towards this goal and to develop our country in our respective fields/industries.

Why is it important to study further?
I am a firm believer that you should never stop learning whether it is through University or a practical experience; you can always develop your skills and increase your knowledge.

What will you miss most about your time at Stellenbosch University?
I was at Stellenbosch University for a total of 6 years. I first obtained a Science degree whereafter I obtained my Postgraduate LLB. In that regard Stellenbosch will always be home for me.
Not only was the standard of education exceptional, but the student life and experience are indescribable. I also often think back on sitting on the Rooiplein with my friends.

What was one of the highlights during your studies?
I will never forget my first few weeks at Stellenbosch University the excitement of registration, Vensters and meeting other students.  Graduation day was also definitely a highlight.

Will you ever return to SU to do your PhD perhaps?
If I ever do decide to pursue my PhD, I would definitely consider returning to Stellenbosch. The Law Faculty and the Professors are brilliant. I will always be indebted to the Professors of Stellenbosch University for not only the knowledge they shared but the passion they instilled in their students.

I will always be a Matie at heart.