Alumni Digital Newsletter | Issue 3 | Summer 2017

What is your fondest memories of your time at Stellenbosch?

I have so many! Being a student was the best time. I have especially fond memories of bonding with fellow students in the SS and HUMARGA when we pulled all-nighters to finish assignments.

Why did you become a presenter at MFM 92.6?

I loved the idea of having a career in media, and campus radio was the best and easiest way to get a taste of the media field. After a lengthy training process, I was granted my first slot on MFM 92.6 on a Monday morning from 03:00 till 06:00. There were moments where you thought no one would be listening, but there was always someone. My dad was one of them – he never missed one of my graveyard shows!

What happened after that graveyard shift and how did it influence your career?

After the graveyard shift at MFM, I hosted the Hitlist every weeknight from 21:00 till midnight. It was my toughest year. It was social suicide as I could hardly do anything with my friends on week nights and it was also during my final year as an undergraduate student. This is where I learned to manage my time. After MFM, I received a spot on KFM – another graveyard slot! This was Saturdays and Sundays from midnight till 04:00 during my honours year. When I graduated, I received a spot on the Afternoon Drive with Rob Vember as the traffic presenter.

Tell us about the SABC3 Presenter Search Competition

In 2015, the Presenter Search on 3 competition was looking for three new TV presenters. From the start I had my sights set on the spot for Expresso. This meant I could continue to pursue both radio and TV full-time. It was a challenging journey, but one that shaped me into the presenter I am today.

Would you encourage students to start spreading their wings while still at university?

Most definitely! Most entry-level jobs underpay. Doing internships and odd “entry-level” jobs during your studies or study breaks makes the world’s difference. It helped me in my radio career, starting with the graveyard shift while my studies were my prime focus, to making radio a full-time career post studies.

What are your passions in life?

I am passionate about our country and our youth. I believe that to affect the nation is to change the generation. I’m currently using my platform to focus on humanitarian issues, with the hope of creating and sustaining strong, peaceful relationships between people and communities.

If you could send a message to young people in SA, what would it be?

Use your time wisely. Focus on both the now and the next. During your holidays, use the time to work instead of catching up on series. The working world is tough, and those who are hungry and hardworking will always make a success of themselves.

  • Catch Zoë every week morning on the Expresso Morning Show on SABC3 (06:30 – 09:00) and every afternoon on Kfm 94.5 Flash Drive (16:00 – 19:00).