Current Projects

Upgrading of lecture halls in the 1st year Chemistry building

Planning and Design (P&D) ring-fenced funds available for this project in their budget (in this case, Campus Renewal Funds). P&D subsequently agreed with clients when the facility could be made available for construction work and appointed an architect, engineers etc. to compile drawings and specifications for upgrading the lecture halls. P&D then acted as a client, together with Faculty and other stakeholders (eg. Teaching and Learning department) to inform consultants of requirements for the building. P&D ensured that all specifications for the upgrading of the facility complied with Stellenbosch University Guidelines & Statutory requirements, and remained involved during the construction process, together with the Project Management office, to ensure the quality of the completed facility.

FMHS Library on Tygerberg campus

The library of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) on our Tygerberg campus was officially opened in 1975. Since the opening more than 40 years ago there had been no major renovations or construction. The library renewal project aims to make the libary more modern and flexible and to create spaces which enable interactve learning, social interaction and research. An incubation area has specifically been created to encourage improved research outputs. The new design of the library reflects the shift in the focus of the library to technological and electronic learning. Spaces such as seminar rooms, discussion rooms, research and relaxation areas have been created. Provision has also been made for improved data access, audiovisual equipment and modern furnishings. The library was officially handed over for redevelopment in January 2016 and is currently under construction. It is expected to be fully operational again by January 2018.

Van der Sterr building

In February 2015, a serious fire damaged large parts of the Van der Sterr building. In the weeks following the fire, work began in earnest on the replacement of the roof of the building, as well as the rehabilitation of inside areas. The fire gave extra urgency to an existing proposal to upgrade the lecture halls in the Van der Sterr and to densify the office space in the building. Through the densification - using the accepted space norms of the University - desperately needed extra office capacity was created for the School of Accountancy. The new offices were also fitted with brand new furniture and the finished spaces have been positively received.

The building's lecture hall capacity also received a welcome boost. A new lecture hall block was created in the courtyard of the building, with the following areas: a 224-seat lecture hall on the ground floor, a 342-seat lecture hall and an 88-seat smaller lecture hall on the first floor, with another 342-seat lecture hall on the second floor. Thanks to the creation of the lecture hall block, the building now boasts an extra 659 seats in lecture halls.

Drama building, including the HB Thom theatre

The Drama building, including the HB Thom theatre, is home to Stellenbosch University's own theatre complex and also houses the University's Drama department. The theatre opened in October 1966 with the first Afrikaans production of FAUST. Since the initial opening, very limited upgrades have taken place at the HB Thom building. The roof was replaced in 2013 and the exterior of the building was painted, but it was evident that the building required essential work in order to comply with health and safety regulations and to enable the theatre to function as commercial entity. The upgrade to the HB Thom building is extensive and includes, among others, the upgrading of the foyer and ticket office, new raked seating in the theatre, a new international depth stage and orchestra pit, new sound and lighting facilities, upgrading of bathrooms and cloakrooms, a new elevator, new speech rooms, new sound studios, a new TV studio and improved computer and editing facilities. Due to the extensive nature of the renovations, the entire Drama department has been moved to an alternative space for the duration of the construction. The revamped HB Thom theatre complex is expected to be completed by the end of January 2018.

Upgrades to the Engineering Faculty

The Engineering Faculty was recently upgraded to accommodate rising student numbers and to create a modern environment, where students want to spend their time learning and studying. The project focused on three main areas:

  1. The creation of a learning environment (student centre) under the West wing of the main engineering building: The aim was to create a quiet space where students can use their time effectively over lunch and between lectures. The student centre also features nine group discussion rooms, and one bigger area for larger discussion sessions. The student centre also offers free Wi-Fi for students, as well as printers and built-in computer facilities for those without computers.
  2. Upgrading of the entrance hall of the main engineering building: The upgrade included improved access control, new toilet facilities, a more modern appearance, as well as new parking bays.
  3. Creation of an informal relaxation area (deli) under the East wing of the main engineering building: This area is used by students as a place to relax, eat, socialise and conduct group discussions that do not lend themselves to a quiet area. The area is also used as a reception area for the faculty's functions.

Campus Renewal Project

At present the Project Management Office is managing the entire Campus Renewal Project that allows for the upgrade of the Stellenbosch and Bellville Park Campuses.