Energy Wise

Energy use is measured by meters and modems in the various buildings on campus. The PowerWatch programme is used to identify any deviations and manage better utilisation of energy. Energy audits are performed at certain energy-intensive campus buildings to investigate the potential for savings.

Solar water heaters have been installed on a limited scale in certain areas. Heat pumps for the heating of water have already been installed at most residences.

Light bulbs in buildings are currently being replaced by energy-saving bulbs. In addition, sensors that switch on lights only when there is motion, have been installed in six buildings at the Stellenbosch campus, in the elevators of the main building at the Tygerberg campus, and in one building at Bellville Park. This prevents lights from burning unnecessarily.

Our building management system allows obsolete building control systems to be systematically replaced by modern operational and management systems, thereby making provision for the central control and optimisation of air conditioning systems, the control of emergency generators and a load control system.