Latest building projects

The Facilities Management division provides sustainable, accessible, innovative and future-focused facilities and services to Stellenbosch University.

This includes the renovation, upgrading and construction of university buildings spread across Stellenbosch and surrounding campuses.

“Decanting Building”

This new building is under construction near the Goldfields Residence, LaunchLab building and the Silvertrees area, off Hammanshand Road.

It will provide temporary, but fully functional work space for students and staff from Departments of the Faculty of Engineering while their buildings are being upgraded. This is part of Stellenbosch University’s campus renewal project. The building should be completed by mid 2020.

Departments will return to their home buildings once completed and the next department will move into the decanting building. Once construction has been completed at the Faculty of Engineering, the decanting building will be used during other campus renewal projects.

Usual parking areas and access routes will not always be available during construction. Directional signage and security checkpoints will redirect visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is happening at the Engineering Faculty?

The Faculty of Engineering’s buildings are being expanded and upgraded. It started in July 2017 and will run over the next five years. Industrial Engineering was the first and their upgrade has been completed.

2. What is happening around LaunchLab?

The new “Decanting” building is under construction next to LaunchLab. Departments will move into this fully equipped building while their own permanent building is under construction. They will move back once their facility is completed.

3. How long will the work take?

The building should be finished by mid 2020. Thereafter the first temporary users will move in.

4. How will the construction affect me?

Certain current parking areas will be fenced off. Where possible, alternative parking arrangements will be made. Access routes and walkways will change. Construction always causes temporary inconvenience, but the project team will try to limit this and inform you beforehand. Directional signage will guide you.

5. Will the construction of this building and moving there and back affect my classes, tests and exams?

Everything has been planned in such a way that academic work will not be affected.

6. Why is it necessary to build a building only for temporary accommodation?

Various faculties on Stellenbosch Campus still need to be upgraded until 2027 and beyond. These upgrades will be rolled out in phases within existing buildings. Therefore, a permanent decanting facility that will serve as temporary accommodation during construction is the only practical way to limit disruption.

7. But what happens when the upgrade is complete?

The building will still be used – during other campus projects or for other permanent uses.

8. Will the open parking next to the LaunchLab be closed during construction?

Yes, during the construction of the Decanting building. It will also be upgraded for permanent use. It will be surfaced, marked, lit, trees will be planted and there will security and access control.


Facilities Manager Phumlani Mathebula +27 21 808 4911
Project Manager Jan Rabie +27 21 808 9571