Development Planning and Space Management

This department is responsible for the development of strategic plans that will serve as guidelines for the short-, medium- and long-term development of campus infrastructure. This includes the implementation and management of a space strategy that optimises existing space usage to make sure that all space needs within the institution are met, so that the University can fulfil its core functions.

The department is tasked with the following:

Master planning & development (Integrated Spatial Development Framework)

The integrated spatial development framework serves as a guide for campus development in terms of land use, accessibility, open space structure, preservation of heritage and culture, sustainable mobility, pedestrian circulation, traffic circulation and parking, in order to assist in the development of a leading campus environment. The department is required to develop long-term capital plans in line with the spatial development framework, and also to handle the management of all development rights and all statutory requirements (town planning, etc.) for all property registered in the name of Stellenbosch University.

Space management

This includes ensuring optimal use of space; answering all spatial needs; administration, management and negotiation of internal and external leases; administration and management of spatial database and information, and development of spatial policies and guidelines.

Facilities information

Development Planning and Space Management is responsible for managing the Geographical Information System (GIS) database. This includes development of management reports regarding infrastructure, buildings, cadastral information and use of space by means of the GIS to ensure that informed decisions are made. This unit also performs maintenance of information systems and annual reporting regarding land use on the basis of a Management Information System of the Department of Higher Education (HEMIS).