Facilities Services

The Facilities Services department provides the following services:

One-stop service help desk

Our help desk serves as a central reporting point for all requirements, faults and services relating to spatial planning, building projects, maintenance, site services, utility services, risk management and campus security, environmental sustainability and other support services.

Your reported requirement(s) are registered on our facility management system to ensure the monitoring of the requirement and the quality of the response. The service desk staff refers it to the correct department, following which the relevant facility manager coordinates it.

Support service agreements

The facilities managers manage Facilities Management's services in terms of support service agreements concluded from time to time with specific areas (Stellenbosch main campus, Stellenbosch sports facilities and the Tygerberg and Bellville Park campuses). The support service agreements provide details of the extent of services, responsibilities as well as timeframes and outcomes with a view to service excellence.

Facilities managers

The facilities managers are the entry points for discussions about requirements and challenges, after these have been registered at the help desk. Each of them manages a defined portfolio within which they have to coordinate Facilities Management's services, consult and communicate with clients and monitor quality.

Management information

Facilities Services provides management information relating to compliance with our support service agreements.

Event Registration and Compliance

Facilities Services manages and co-ordinates the registration process of all event requests and bookings of university facilities on campus. We liaise and communicate with event organisers and stakeholders to ensure compliance to the national and municipal event bylaws during the application phase to the municipality.