Property Services

Property Services provides a variety of engineering services for the operation and management of the University's infrastructure assets.

Maintenance Operations

Property Services executes Reactive, Planned and Proactive maintenance as part of a bouquet of services in line with the Execution Strategy of 50% Planned : 30% Reactive : 20% Proactive. The strategy ensures that we maintain all assets, plant and equipment in a functional and efficient manner. This will contribute to the extension of the life of all existing assets, plant and equipment in an environmentally and financially sustainable manner. The services include all alarms, air-conditioning, audio-visual services, carpentry, carpets, electrical, fire equipment, garden services, locks, mechanical services, pest control, roads, parking and walkways, signage, waste, windows, etc.

  • Air-conditioning services includes all HVAC heating and cooling small air-conditioning spits, VRF/VRV, central water-cooled systems, heat pumps, fans etc.
  • Electrical services includes all LV and MV electrical infrastructure, DB boards, plugs, switches, lights, terrain lights, generators, transformers, e-boils, etc.
  • Garden services includes all maintenance of gardens and grounds and all hard surfaces, cutting grass, cleaning hard services (paving walkways), pruning trees etc.
  • Mechanical services includes kitchen equipment, lifts, fire equipment, alarms etc.

Building Management System (BMS)

A building management system is a computer-based control system installed in buildings. This system controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment, such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems and security systems. This system will ensure the efficient and effective operation of the plant and equipment by optimising operating times and reducing utilities (electricity, gas and water).

Garden Services

This unit is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of all urban landscapes on and around the SU campuses. This includes conservation of the river and mountain areas. Sustainable landscape maintenance includes water and soil management, choosing endemic and water-wise plants, and identifying trees that will reduce our carbon footprint. All green waste will be recycled as part of organic food and compost, which contributes to biodiversity. We also manage all hard landscaping elements (walkways, pathways, benches and tables) and ensure that they are versatile and durable.

Environmental Sustainability

This unit is responsible for environmental sustainability, strategic and operational plans, as well as the environmental management plan. This guides the SU to operate in the most sustainable way. This is in alignment with the SU Sustainability Policy. This includes the commitment to the Millennium Goals, Paris agreement of Sustainability and reduction of GHG, carbon footprint, limited fossil fuels and resources and global temperatures.

Pest control and Hygiene

Property Services manages the safe removal and control of all pests (rats, birds, insects, bees) in a safe and sustainable way. We follow a comprehensive integrated pest management (IPM) programme to achieve long-term environmentally sound pest suppression. This programme will ensure prevention through the use of techniques and management practices which decrease the reliance on chemical suppression. A further advantage is the ongoing inspections, habitat alteration and use of low toxicity pesticides. Pest management also includes the introduction of natural predators like owls and pests into the outdoor environment

Planned Maintenance (PPM)

Property Services initiates the Operational Execution Strategy to move from a Reactive maintenance strategy to a Planned Maintenance strategy. This will reduce the total cost of ownership of all assets and equipment in the management envelope of Stellenbosch University. The application of the Preventive Planned Maintenance Strategy contributes towards adherence to best practices, equipment optimisation, reduction in breakdown times and extended lifecycle of all assets, plant and equipment.


Upgrading projects

Technical advisory Services

Property Services provides technical advice to the University, including during the planning of all capital and upgrading projects and provides the technical specifications and standards (DCD).

Utility services

As part of our Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR), the University of Stellenbosch is committed to reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and/or our carbon footprint, as set out in the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (COP 21).

Property Services manages, monitors and reports on utilisation of all utilities (energy, gas, water supply, waste, solid waste and waste) to promote an environmentally sustainable university, as set out in the SU Environmental Sustainable Green Business Plan.

Upgrading projects

Upgrading of all assets, plant and equipment forms part of the Planned Maintenance programme. Property Services periodically conducts Condition Audits and Risk Assessment to determine the condition of these assets, plant and equipment. Based on the identified condition, these assets, plant and equipment will then be prioritised and planned for future upgrades and replacements. The size and scope of these projects will determine who will execute them; most will be executed by the PMO.

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ)

SHEQ is a technical field that applies several disciplines for continuous improvement of occupational safety, health, environment and quality factors that impact on Stellenbosch University.

Waste services

This unit ensures that municipal refuse, recycling and chemical waste products are collected and disposed of responsibly. Focus is placed on reducing waste generation, recycling and disposal of waste

Additions and changes to existing assets (plant and equipment)

The following items are not included as part of maintaining existing assets, plant and equipment. These include hanging pictures, installing new plugs, switches, lights, DB, blinds, etc.