Your Campus

Campus maps

Click on the links below to download our campus maps in pdf format.

Buildings and lecture halls

Click on the link below to download a complete list of the buildings and lecture halls on our Stellenbosch, Tygerberg and Bellville campuses. The list includes interesting information about the origin of many of the building names.

Safety on campus

Facilities Management strives to make our campus as safe as possible for students and staff members. However, it is important to be vigilant and take responsibility for your own safety. Keep these safety tips in mind at all times:

  • Don't walk alone - make use of the pedestrian escort service, if necessary (call 021 808 4891 to request an escort or WhatsApp the security centre at 082 808 2333).
  • Avoid isolated areas. Take the safest route, even if it is not the shortest. Bosman and Victoria streets are patrolled by Campus Security officers 24 hours a day and they are well illuminated at night.
  • Memorise the emergency number (021 808 2333) or save it on your cellphone.
  • Don't be an easy target! Make sure your cellphone or computer is not visible.
  • Invest in pepper spray - this is available at the Matie Shop.

How the campus has become safer in recent years

  • No more exams and tests at night.
  • A pedestrian escort service was introduced.
  • A mobile security office is in operation in the evenings in selected areas.
  • A vast street camera network and the use of technology allows better security monitoring.
  • The existing after-hours shuttle service was extended.
  • Additional vehicles were introduced for patrols and the number of guards was doubled on the preferred routes: Bosman and Victoria streets.
  • Motorcycles patrol the main routes in and around campus, thereby increasing the visibility of guards.
  • The creation of security zones, such as the one on the Rooiplein.
  • Awareness campaigns and active¬†partnerships with the SAPS, Stellenbosch Municipality and the broader security community in Stellenbosch.