Welcome to Huis ten Bosch

On the corner of Bosman – and Hofmeyer street in Stellenbosch central, overlooking a serene front garden, lies Huis ten Bosch.

We are a relatively small residence run by a group of very capable and passionate students, who have the main goal of ensuring an enabling environment for all our fellow residents. Huis ten Bosch’s motto, Esto Ipsa (“be yourself”) is a strong driving force in our community and is an underlying narrative for all we do. We aim to celebrate individual diversity and to have each student be able to reach their full potential and feel at home. 

Our vision for the coming year is
“Ubuntu” .

We hope to create an environment where my humanity sees your humanity. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging for all our residents. We believe that if we can truly create a home in Huis ten Bosch, we can create a truly transformative student experience. We hope to create awareness amongst our residents of individual differences – in accepting and embracing them. We do not want our residents to only leave with the knowledge of their degrees, but with the knowledge and drive to become active citizens who contribute positively to our society. We hope to create a culture of encouraging others to prosper, feel loved and most importantly seen.



togetherness and inclusivity in all tasks that we encounter as well as ensuring that everyone is seen and heard


the mindset of treating others the way you would like to be treated – regarding others as your equal


the willingness to consider learning from others and being enlightened with new ideas and perspectives

being considerate of each person’s individualism and appreciating the multicultural community


a kind and selfless caring of others which is well summed up in the originating Greek and Latin translation meaning “to suffer with”