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Welcome to Stellenbosch University International

          About us  Stellenbosch University International (SU International) is a support service division that falls...

About SU International

Stellenbosch University International (SU International) is a support service division within the responsibility area of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Strategy and Internationalisation. SU International contributes to the institutional objectives of SU and supports all the faculties where internationalisation activities are primarily seated. It integrates and aligns international campus support structures to ensure consistent and comprehensive internationalisation across SU.

SU International:

  • leads the development and implementation of the strategic plan for the internationalisation of SU and its core activities of research, of learning and teaching and of social impact;
  • develops sustainable, significant bilateral and multilateral alliances, partnerships and collaboration in support of the academic project;
  • enhances the existing dedicated support service platform to promote SU’s global engagement activities on campus, in the local community, within the region and in Africa and beyond;
  • integrates a global engagement dimension into the student experience at SU, especially to institute and enrich the notion of internationalisation-at-home; and
  • facilitates the development of scholarship in Africa.

Internationalisation is one of SU’s strategic priorities. SU International’s mission is to enhance SU’s African footprint, establish international alumni hubs, expand SU’s international networks, build SU’s international profile and work towards systemic sustainability in terms of income-generating activities.


Our Services

International partnerships, scholarship on the African continent, Chinese culture and language, mobility opportunities for staff and students. International activities at Stellenbosch University are promoted and executed by the following centres within SU International:

Promoting scholarship on the continent  through the African Doctoral Academy and SASAC 


We develop and nuture SU partnerships on the African continent 

   Semester mobility programs and internationalisation-at-home initiatives

Partnership development and staff mobility

Immigration, international housing,  finance, semester welcome and orientation

Learn Mandarin and explore     Chinese culture





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