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Apply for University Accommodation

Please note:  

  • This application form is for international students only. Click here for accommodation options if you are a South African student.  
  • Accommodation is offered on the Stellenbosch (main) campus.  


Cancellation Policy

  • Should a student cancel her/his room after the reservation has been confirmed, but before his/her arrival, 66% of the first installment will be refunded
  • Should a student cancel her/his room after arrival, but before registration, the student forfeits the full first installment. If he/she can provide a replacement, 66% of the first installment will be refunded.
  • After registration, no cancellation is possible and students are liable to pay the full second installment.

Important Guidelines and Payment Advice

  • Rooms can only be rented for a full semester. Rent will accordingly be calculated irrespective of the students' dates of arrival or departure.
  • Affiliated students, students on quarter abroad programmes and postdoctoral fellows have different contractual obligations. These arrangements have been worked out with the respective home institutions or host departments.
  • Carefully read and sign your contract. VERY IMPORTANT: The contract is for a fixed period and therefore cannot be changed.
  • Verify and sign your payment schedule
  • Rent is paid in two equal installments: First installment: After being informed that a room has been allocated, students need to pay the first installment (half the rent payable amount) to confirm the reservation. Otherwise the room will be allocated to someone else. Second installment: The balance of the rent payable amount must be paid two months after registration.
  • Have the proof of payment of the first installment copied at Stellenbosch University International
  • Keep all receipts as proof of payment
  • Any adjustments of the original contract and/or payment schedule must be written. No oral arrangements will be considered valid.

Occupancy and Departure

  • Students in Academia and Concordia will only be allowed to move into their rooms from 24 January 2019 and not before this date.
  • University rooms have network points for direct access to the university network.
  • All university accommodation is on campus and on the green route where Campus Protection Services provide support.
  • Rooms (all single) are furnished, but students need to bring their own bedding [Excluding Concordia] Note that there is no central heating in any of the rooms.
  • Rooms in Academia are self-catering apartments with kitchen facilities. Students, however need to bring/buy their own kitchen equipment. Academia students should note that they will not be able to use their service fees to pay for laundry. The machines are coin-operated and will be charged at R20 per washing cycle.
  • Concordia lessees will be provided with bed linen and kitchen utensils at a cost of R150 per month. This is NOT optional and will be charged against your student account.
  • Metanoia Residence offers single rooms and a cafeteria with a meal plan option. Prices on the website do not include meals
  • Students should make use of the House Committee in each residence. The House Committee assists the Head Warden by ensuring that all students adhere to residence rules and regulations. You may approach any member of the House Committee to assist you after hours and on weekends.
  • Academia residents must please report any maintenance fault to the Academia Administration Office and Concordia residents must please report all Concordia maintenance fault to the Concordia Administration Office If these offices are closed, please report the fault to the House Committee for urgent assistance
  • Please inform Stellenbosch University International when you will be vacating your apartment in writing (, at least 2 working days in advance in order to arrange for room inspection. The apartment will be checked before you depart and you will be held responsible for all damages.
  • Take note that you are required to vacate Stellenbosch University International accommodation by 12:00 noon of the last day of your contract.


Placement and Payment

Stellenbosch University International (SU International) allocate rooms according to requests received from students. When requests cannot be met, students' names will be wait-listed. Students will be kept informed throughout the process and are kindly requested to respond quickly to follow-up e-mail notices.

Once SU International has allocated a room, a fixed period contract together with a request of the first non-refundable installment will be sent to the student. The contract must be signed and emailed to and the payment made within 10 working days of the student receiving their contract. The reservation will only be confirmed once the first installment has been received. Students will receive a reminder to send their signed contract and first installment. Thereafter the room will be allocated to another student.

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