Important Guidelines and Payment Advice

Full semesters only: SU International-administered rooms may be rented for full semesters only. For this reason, your accommodation fees will be for a full semester, irrespective of your actual arrival and departure date.

Different contractual obligations: Different categories of international students (e.g. affiliated students, Study Abroad students, postdoctoral fellows) have different contractual obligations, as agreed with their respective home institutions or host departments.

Read and sign all documents: Carefully read and sign your contract. Please remember that the contract will be for a fixed period, so it cannot be changed. Also verify and sign your payment schedule.

Two equal instalments: We ask that you pay your accommodation fees in two equal instalments. The first instalment will be payable as soon as a room has been allocated, to confirm the reservation. The second instalment will be payable two months after registration.

Keep records: Ask SU International to keep a copy of the proof of payment of your first instalment. Also keep all receipts.

Put it in writing: Any adjustments to the original contract or payment schedule must be put in writing. Verbal arrangements will not be considered valid. ​

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