Our International Partnerships and Networks

Stellenbosch University has an established multi-layered international network, encapsulated in our formal agreements and membership of over 15 international consortia. Through our agreements, local and international students, staff and postdoctoral researchers are granted a myriad of study and development opportunities all over the world. Stellenbosch University has a broad network of more than 150 formal international partnerships across the globe with the largest number of the partnerships in 39 countries outside of Africa and 19 partnerships on the African continent. New geographical areas of engagement include an intentional shift into more collaboration in the global South in particular within the context of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries. Other areas of interest include Central Europe, Southeast Asia and the greater Latin America area where we have limited institutional connections.

The Centre for Partnerships and Internationalisation (CPI) within Stellenbosch University International (SU International), is responsible for two broad thematic areas that drive the pursuing of agreements that fit SU: Partnerships with a particular focus on development and support and Internationalisation that manifests in strategy and policy support to SU International  and the rest of the institution. There is a close link between the two areas and neither exists in isolation of the other. Each of the areas also implies a strong connection with other SU International centres that underlines the principles of internal coherence and support. At the same time the centre is responsible for engaging with existing and new partners beyond Africa.

The Centre for Collaboration in Africa (CCA), also within SU International and working in close relation with CPI, initiates and support Stellenbosch University’s strategic African academic initiatives. The unit manage and administer African staff exchanges and host and support various thematic African multilateral partner networks. The CCA also coordinates SU’s participation in Pan-African Academic Networks (such as ANSTI, ARUA etc).


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