Our International Partnerships and Networks

Stellenbosch University (SU) has more than 250 university and research institute partners in over 50 countries. ​

International engagement has always been an SU priority and was significantly boosted with the establishment of the institution’s international office in 1993. Since then, SU International has helped broaden many SU staff and students’ horizons. And now that the University has a dedicated Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Internationalisation, SU’s internationalisation drive is stronger than ever.​

SU’s established, multi-layered international network, both on the African continent and beyond, provides local and international students, staff and postdoctoral researchers multiple study and development opportunities across the world. Recently, there has been an intentional shift towards increased collaboration in the global South, particularly in the context of the BRICS consortium (Brazil, Russia, India and China), while Central Europe, Southeast Asia and the greater Latin America also offer vast potential for establishing institutional connections.​​

SU International negotiates and manages all SU’s institutional partnerships. Depending on its nature and scope, a partnership agreement can regulate any number of activities between SU and a peer institution, including:​​

  • financial matters and arrangements;
  • joint PhD programmes;
  • administrative cooperation, such as information exchange on best practices;
  • staff and student mobility;
  • research cooperation; and
  • intellectual property rights and legal obligations. ​

​​​​Students interested in opportunities to and from SU’s partners are welcome to visit “Student mobility options (new students)”. SU and visiting academic staff, in turn, can consult “Staff mobility opportunities​​ and visiting academic staff”.​

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