Our International Partnerships and Networks

Stellenbosch University, enjoys the partnership of more than 250 universities and research institutes in more than 50 countries. 

​International engagement has always been a priority at Stellenbosch University. With the establishment of an international office in 1993, operations have become more inclusive and accommodating with regards to international collaboration at SU. Stellenbosch University International has helped to broaden the horizons of many SU staff and students academically over the 25 years and will continue to do even more so now that the university has recently appointed a DVC for Strategy and Internationalisation.​

Stellenbosch University has an established multi-layered international network, encapsulated in formal agreements and membership of over 20 international consortia and associations. Through these agreements, local and international students, staff and postdoctoral researchers are granted a myriad of study and development opportunities all over the world. Stellenbosch University has a broad network of formal international partnerships across the globe with the largest number of the partnerships in 39 countries outside of Africa and 27 in 19 countries on the African continent. New geographical areas of engagement include an intentional shift into more collaboration in the global South in particular within the context of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Other areas of interest include Central Europe, Southeast Asia and the greater Latin America area where institutional connections are limited.​​

Stellenbosch University International negotiates and manage all SU's institutional partnerships. For Faculty and Departmental lead partnerships, SU International only coordinates the legalities and finalise the agreements, thereafter SU International monitor, and evaluate the partnership in terms the service goals and overall relationship.

For opportunities to and from SU's partners, students are welcome to visit Student mobility options (New Students). SU staff and visiting academic staff are welcome to visit Staff Mobility​ Opportunities​​ and Visiting Academic Staff.​


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