Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch

The Confucius Institute is a non-profit public institution that aims to promote Chinese language and culture. Following the successes of Germany, France, Spain and the UK to promote their national languages, China decided in 2004 to do the same by establishing Confucius Institutes with offices all over the globe, and headquartered in Beijing, China.

The Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University (CISU) is located in the RW Wilcocks Building. Stellenbosch University International provides administrative and logistical support for the operation of the CISU since its establishment at Stellenbosch University in 2007. Currently, the CISU offers Mandarin acquisition classes, from Beginners to Advanced levels, and provides an academic curriculum and credit-bearing Mandarin course. In 2013, with the aid of the CISU, Mandarin was also introduced at postgraduate level.
In addition to Mandarin acquisition courses, the CISU also provides Chinese culture and history classes, presents Tai Chi exercise training and observes traditional Chinese festivals annually, such as the Lantern Festival and the Chinese New Year.

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