Partner Universities: Africa

Stellenbosch University has bilateral agreements in Africa with 26 higher education institutions (HEIs). For students and staff, this grants access to exchange programmes, full-degree programmes, research collaboration and staff exchange opportunities.

Click on the countries on the left for an overview of the existing international partnerships and agreements between Stellenbosch University and other international tertiary institutions. Depending on the nature and scope of the agreement, it can regulate the following activities between two institutions:

  • Financial matters and arrangements;
  • Joint PhD Programmes;
  • Administrative cooperation, for instance exchange information about best practices developed;
  • Staff and student mobility;
  • Research cooperation;
  • Intellectual property rights and legal obligations.

Some things to take note of:

Level of Agreement:

The level of the agreement refers to the scope of the agreement. It refers to if the agreement has been established at departmental, faculty or institutional level. If the agreement is at departmental or faculty level then it is only applicable to staff and students from those respective departments or faculties; an institutional agreement has the widest scope and is applicable to all staff and students of Stellenbosch University.

Student Exchanges:

Not all agreements make provision for staff or student mobility. For that reason it is important to take in consideration if the agreement includes the possibility of student mobility – specifically if you are considering partner universities in planning your exchange.

More information:

Staff: If you would like more information about the nature and scope of an agreement contact Nico Elema: at

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