A large number of the University's postgraduate students make use of University accommodation on the Stellenbosch campus. It is important to note that acceptance into an academic programme does not guarantee placement in a University residence. Student accommodation in Stellenbosch is limited and expensive, but we are normally able to assist in securing accommodation for international students.
Accommodation is offered in two forms:
  • Those administered by the University – in the form of rooms in student houses and furnished flats/apartments. Students provide their own bedding and crockery, and no meals are provided. Computer network points are also provided in all units.
  • Those offered by agents or private owners.
Even though Stellenbosch University International deals mainly with university accommodation, various private owners also provide us with information on available accommodation. In such cases Stellenbosch University International will only establish initial contact between owners and students. 
Different accommodation (not managed by the university), can be found in various publications and online media:
  • Consult the classified ad section in the local newspaper (Eikestad News)
  • Contact the Department of Housing at Stellenbosch University for a list of Private Accommodation (Ms. Elmarie Eygelaar)
  • Visit the SUI website to view a range of letting agencies
  • View the notice boards at Stellenbosch University International office and elsewhere on campus once you are in Stellenbosch. 
Please note that Stellenbosch University International does not negotiate on behalf of international students and that we cannot guarantee the quality/standard of private accommodation. We do not accept responsibility for any possible problems arising from a students' private accommodation. We would however, upon request from the student, book a room in a backpackers.

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