Community Service

Stellenbosch University is committed to enabling the community to benefit from the knowledge and skills of its staff and students. Matie Community Service, or MGD as they are known on campus, provides the infrastructure for active student participation in community development projects. All students are welcome to offer their services on a voluntary basis or through practical exercises and/or projects of the different university departments. Matie Community Service is active both on the Stellenbosch and Tygerberg campuses and students are trained annually within a well-organised structure.Some of the aActivities co-ordinated by Matie Community Service include:
  • Khanyisa learning project (Saturday school for children with an educational backlog)
  • The literacy project
  • Entrepreneurship development project – for adults and high school learners
  • Feeding scheme
  • The lifeskills programme (primary schools)
  • Assistance to the handicapped
  • The Stellenbosch Work Centre
  • Clinic service, prevention programmes and rural outreach projects

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