Getting Around

If you are interested in exploring South Africa, or just going on a short outing, there are plenty of options for hiring a car in Stellenbosch or Cape Town, for a weekend or even longer. If you intend to stay in Stellenbosch for several months, it may be the less expensive option to buy a car and to sell it when you leave. You may rent a car if you are 21 years or older and in possession of a valid driver’s licence. Another convenient and green alternative for moving in and around Stellenbosch are the distinctive 'matie bycicles,' which can be rented for a minimal fee.
Bus, rail and air travel
Although there is no bus service to travel between Stellenbosch and Cape Town, it is possible to travel by rail. For more information regarding costs and the train schedule, you can visit the website of Metrorail. Longer distances can be travelled by bus, train or airplane.The train will be the least expensive way of travelling, but it will take a lot more time than travelling by bus, or flying if it’s a very long distance. There are a number of bus services and airline companies in South Africa, and you can find information about them and make bookings quite easily on the internet.

The Go -TukTuk service is a convenient, affordable and fun way to get around Stellenbosch.  It’s a hop-on hop-off service that collects and drops you off at demarcated fixed stops. TukTuks follow four day and night routes that will transport you in and around the Stellenbosch Central Business District and University campus. You can pay an annual fee to ride TukTuks as often as possible.

Visit the Go-TukTuk website here:  

Uber taxis also operate in Stellenbosch. Download the Uber app from iTunes or Google Play Store for an on-demand taxi service.


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