Research Internship in Singapore for Master Students  in Biomedical, Science and Engineering related disciplines:

The SIPGA award is a research opportunity for postgraduate students enrolled for full degrees at Stellenbosch University. The SIPGA award includes bursary money to assist the successful applicant to cover living expenses whilst in Singapore. The scholarship offers research opportunities in Singapore at research institutions in affiliation with National University of Singaporem, Nanyang University of Technology and Singapore University of Technology and Design. Students can apply for the SIPGA award for a placement period of 2 to 6 months.

A student who participates in a SIPGA research opportunity via A*STAR is expected to graduate from Stellenbosch University within the original degree’s graduation timeframe. The research period in Singapore ought to contribute to the student’s research as part of the Stellenbosch University degree. Interested students ought to first liaise with their current academic supervisor at Stellenbosch University, in order to request consent for the intended period of research to be spent abroad. It is of vital importance that the Stellenbosch University academic supervisor agree to allow the student’s period of research abroad – a discussion which is to determine whether such a period of research abroad would be beneficial in contributing to the student’s current degree at Stellenbosch University.

The student can initiate the discussion for consent with the current academic supervisor before or after making contact with a Research Institution in Singapore. The Stellenbosch University student needs to initiate contact with an academic in the student’s current field of research at one of the listed research institutions at A*STAR. Find the list of research institutions here. The student is to send his/her research proposal to an academic at the listed research institute, and request supervision for the intended period of research in Singapore. Alternatively, the student could inquire with the Research Institute whether research projects are available to join, which may be a match for the student’s field of research. Once a willing academic supervisor has been established at the Research Institute, the student can submit an application online for the SIPGA award.

All Stellenbosch University students to submit applications for the SIPGA award, you are requested to notify the A*STAR coordinator at Stellenbosch University International (SUI) with their application reference number, and attach all the supporting documents as submitted on the A*STAR website for the SIPGA application as well. SUI will review your application and if the applicant’s academic standard adheres to the needed academic average of 60%, SUI will recommend your application to A*STAR. Prospective applicants are reminded to cross check consent for the application with their current academic supervisor at Stellenbosch University.

Financial Benefits:

  • Monthly stipend of $1 500 (Singapore Dollar)

Application Deadlines:

  • 31 January Deadline for 1 April intake
  • 31 March Deadline for 1 June intake
  • 31 May Deadline for 1 August intake
  • 31 July Deadline for 1 October intake
  • 30 September Deadline for 1 December intake
  • 30 November Deadline for 1 February intake

For more information on how to apply for the SIPGA scholarship, please click here.

For any questions on the SIPGA application process at A*STAR, please contact

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