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Stellenbosch University International facilitates the exchange of students with more than 100 institutions abroad. From SciencePo to Leipzig, West Virginia to Nagoya University, Stellenbosch students can explore the array of academic exchanges at our partner institutions. (Please refer to the partner list on our SUNLearn application module, 101 Study Abroad, see below.)

Apply to study for one or two semesters on exchange at partner universities (through a formal exchange agreement). Follow the guidelines and advice in this section, and once you're ready, visit SU International for more information.

Application deadlines:

  • Application deadline for the Second Semester of 2020:
    • Application Form: 23 March 2020
    • All outstanding application supporting documents: 27 March 2020
  • Law Students: The Faculty of Law have their own internal selection process for final year LLB students who would like to go abroad. Please contact Karin Wiss for more information.

Specific Scholarship Opportunities:

In addition to the institutional funding available, it is also possible to apply for the following scholarships:

  • Belgium: If you are applying to go on a semester exchange to a Belgium institution, it is possible to apply for the Priority Programme Scholarship.(This option will only be available again in 2020.)
  • Czech Republic: If you are planning to go on a semester exchange at the University of Hradec Králove (Philosophical Faculty) you can apply for a comprehensive scholarship; please contact Sarah.
  • Japan: Students attending a Japanese institution can apply for a scholarship from the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation; please contact Sarah.
  • Sweden & Norway: Students applying to go on exchange at the University of Bergen, Uppsala University and Lund University can apply for the BOC Scholarship coordinated by SANORD.


Getting Started and Applying:

Things to Consider

Our Focus is on In Degree Mobility

  • Semester Exchanges, not full degrees

Participating in an Exchange Programme

  • Students on a semester exchange remain enrolled at Stellenbosch University, but their coursework at Stellenbosch University is replaced by the corresponding coursework at the partner university. The exchange is thus an integrated part of the study programme. Student fees are paid to Stellenbosch University and tuition fees are waived at the partner university. (Postgraduate students can also undertake research exchanges.)

How will this undertaking impact my Current Studies?

  • The impact or outcome of the mobility depends on whether you are planning to do research or do take courses for credit transfer purposes.


Select a Partner University

Three main considerations:

To select the appropriate partner university it is important that there is an alignment between three factors: Academics, Finances and Personal Preferences. There also other factors to keep in mind.

Use past experiences to guide your selection:

Read about Past Experiences


Financial Arrangements

Our Focus is on Co-Funding

  • Stellenbosch University and its partner universities are committed to limiting the financial costs incurred by students who participate in exchanges. For this reason, travel bursaries, tuition waivers and other benefits (where applicable and possible) are provided and negotiated. It is however important to note that students will also need to make a financial contribution towards their own respective study trip. In many cases it is only to cover living expenses, extra travel expenses, administrative costs and to comply with visa requirements.

Funding Instruments

  • Exchange Bursary, to help cover travel expenses.
  • Tuition waiver at Partner University
  • Third component funding, which is depended on the Parner University
    • Housing Scholarship or Monthly Stipend
    • Erasmus + Scholarship with certain Bilateral Agreements
    • Government Scholarships (For example, Belgium Priority Programme Scholarship)


Complete Application

101 Study Abroad on SUNLearn

  • Our internal application process is available on SUNLearn. The module is called 101 Study Abroad. You will need to self-enrol for the module following the application link below.

Overview of Whole Process


 Terms and Conditions:


Terms and Conditions applicable to Exchange Students

Terms and Conditions applicable to Exchange Students


Please see the following contract for the terms and conditions of a semester exchange or student mobility.

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