Guidance for Academic Staff

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The principle of all exchanges is to add value and experience to the study programme and university experience of a student. The exchange semester (s) must be a substitute for the Stellenbosch semester and thus not add a semester to the programme. It must fit within the programme and adhere to the course and credit requirements of this specific programme to ensure credit transfer and graduation granted that the courses are completed successfully.
All exchange applications must be submitted to Stellenbosch University International (SU International). The Global Education Centre within SU International will determine if students comply with the minimum criteria for exchange: average academic achievement of 60%; full time enrollment and submission of a full exchange application that includes academic approval from lecturers, head of department or course coordinator (as applicable). 
Learning Agreement:
A crucial component of the exchange application is the learning agreement (See completed example below). This learning agreement forms the cornerstone for the transfer of credits and without a duly completed learning agreement – students can’t take part in the exchange. It is in this regard that your support of this exchange application is needed.
Students must research the availability of courses that they deem to be appropriate substitute courses for each course that they will not attend at Stellenbosch University. The Global Education Centre will assist with this process and provide guidance with finding the necessary information. Students must then submit the course descriptions including the credit load and level of the course to the relevant lecturer. 
We request that you evaluate the submitted course on the following terms:
  • Is the course content applicable to the course content that the student would have followed in Stellenbosch?
  • Do the course outcomes meet the outcomes of the Stellenbosch course?
  • Is the level equal or higher than that of the Stellenbosch course?
  • Are the credits or contact hours sufficient? (Guidelines: 1 ECTS = 2 South African credits; 1 USA credit = 4 South African credits)
In the case of a year course, it is possible to exchange in the second semester of the course provided that the intended course will link with what the student has already done in the first semester and will complete the requirements of the Stellenbosch course.
If the suggested course meets all the criteria listed and you support the exchange of the student, please sign the learning agreement for the particular host university.
SU International will act as liaison within the institution and will particularly liaise with the Faculty Registrar to ensure that students meet all the programme requirements, should they proceed with their exchange.
Your continued support of students that want to take part in an exchange is highly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries regarding this or any other exchange programme. 

Example of a Completed Learning Agreement:



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