Things to Consider

1. Our focus is on in degree mobility

We can’t send you on a full degree abroad. Our focus is on in degree mobility and adding value to your existing degree at Stellenbosch University. If you want to do a full degree abroad you will need to apply directly at the respective institution and comply with their academic and fee requirements.

2. Participating in an exchange programme

Students on a semester exchange remain enrolled at Stellenbosch University, but their coursework here is replaced by the corresponding coursework at the partner university. The exchange is thus an integrated part of the study programme. Student fees are paid to Stellenbosch University and tuition fees are waived at the partner university.

General Requirements:
  • Registered for a full degree (including the period abroad)
  • At least a 60% aggregate average
  • Approved academic programme while abroad
  • Postgraduate applications requires approval from respective supervisors
  • Other requirements are stated in the application form; see also general conditions and requirements.
Undergraduate exchange:
The undergraduate exchange programme is the closest to the traditional model of exchanges that are common in international education. Students registered for full-time study in undergraduate programmes can apply for one or two exchange semesters. The student will complete the relevant course work (60 -120 credits) that will be used to substitute their Stellenbosch University courses. Prospective students must have completed at least 3 semesters of their degree programme. Students in the last semester of their programme do not qualify for an exchange.
Postgraduate exchange:
On postgraduate level there are 3 options:
  • Similar to the description of the traditional exchange (above).
  • A full research programme where the student participates in an exchange and completes coursework at the host university as preparatory/supplementary to their research.
  • A full research programme where the student completes part of the research at the host university but remains fully enrolled (and graduates) at Stellenbosch University.

3. How will this undertaking impact my current studies?

If you are planning to undertake a short-term academic option, consider the following:
  • Would your intended programme add value to your degree?
  • Would it strengthen your understanding of your specific field of study?
  • How else could five months (i.e. an exchange) or a few weeks (i.e. summer schools) abroad impact my studies at Stellenbosch?

The impact or outcome of the mobility depends on whether you are planning to do research or do take courses for credit transfer purposes.

If you are planning to take courses, you will need to identify equivalent courses at the host institution to ensure that you can transfer credits and marks. These courses must be approved by local lecturers. If you are planning to do research as a postgraduate student you will need to identify an academic host and formulate a research plan, which is approved by your local supervisor.

If both processes are done correctly the impact will be positive and not have an adverse impact on your degree programme.

More information is available on our application portal.

4. What will it cost and how can you get funding?

When the mobility opportunity falls under Stellenbosch University International's agreements, you can apply for a travel bursary to partially cover your expenses. See the following page for more information.


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