Independent Summer and Winter Schools


Important information regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19):

Please read the university communication regarding COVID-19.

Summer and winter schools are short term academic courses hosted by various universities during the summer or winter of the northern or southern hemisphere.  These courses can range from 1 to 6 weeks and offer a great opportunity to experience tertiary education outside South Africa. Independent summer or winter schools are hosted at non-partner universities.

Things to Consider

No funding can be provided for the attendance of the following events:

  • Summits / Conferences / Expos
  • Leadership conferences and programmes
  • If you are seeking funding to attend an international short course or summer school with a co-curricular focus (non-academic), you need to apply to USKOF. For more information please contact the USKOF fund.

Travel Bursary:

  • The value of the travel bursary is R 18 500. No additonal funding is available.

Target Group:

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Some questions to help you identify a credible summer school:

  • Has the course been presented in the past? Is there feedback from past participants?
  • Is the course presented by a recognized Higher Education Institution?
  • How did you receive the information? Did you receive it from a credible source? Did a lecturer provide it to you?
  • Does the opportunity have credible sponsorships? Is the opportunity sponsored by the DAAD for example?

Deadline: 16 March 2020

If you attend a summer or winter school on your own initiative you do not need to consult with SU International. However, make sure that your academic department is informed about your plans - specifically if the school ends after the start of the semester at SU. You also need to ensure that you get leave of absence before you depart for the programme.

You are welcome to contact us for support (e.g. letters to confirm your registration). The same conditions and requirements that are applicable to listed summer schools in regards to the application of a travel bursary are also applicable to independent summer schools.

Application deadlines:

  • First Deadline: Monday, 16 March.
  • Second Deadline: Monday, 17 August.

Getting Started and Applying:

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