Postgraduate students

The delivery of postgraduate education is an integral part of Stellenbosch University’s research endeavour. The provision of postgraduate education is primarily situated within the academic environments and subject to the processes in a particular faculty. Postgraduate support is also provided in the academic environments but a number of support divisions have developed a range of generic services (training programmes and workshops provided in the Library, through the Language Centre, etc.) which supplement the academic training.

In addition there is ongoing administrative support available to postgraduate students throughout their enrolment lifecycle.  In the Postgraduate Office (PGO) several units contribute to a comprehensive postgraduate support platform. The Postgraduate Enrolment Support and the Postgraduate Student Funding units render administrative and financial support while the Postgraduate Skills Development programme have developed comprehensive postgraduate skills development offerings which are aimed at equipping postgraduate students with a range of essential generic skills to help them through their research journey.

Visit the PGO's website here.

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