Postgraduate Skills

Download the Postgraduate Office's 2017 Postgraduate Studies Guide (welcome and orientation for postgraduate students booklet) here!

The Postgraduate Skills Development Programme (situated within the Postgraduate Office) offers a range of workshops that help postgraduate students at Stellenbosch University (SU) hone their research and thesis writing skills – mostly free of charge. The aim of our programme is to help students take responsibility for finishing their degrees on time by equipping them with some tools, skills and strategies to assist them in this endeavour. This website contains our full range of workshops, essential resources, opportunities, as well as a central calendar.

In addition, we have loaded a number of resources on the Postgraduate Skills Development SUNLearn platform. The on-line modules on this platform were developed with those students in mind who cannot attend the on-campus workshops. Our on.track planner time management tool is also available here.

Our monthly Postgraduate Times newsletter informs postgraduate students about skills development events and opportunities tailored specifically for postgraduate students' needs.

We introduced two new Postgraduate Skills initiatives during 2016: Informal postgraduate student Pop Up cafés in the Wilcocks building quad and Shut Up & Write lunch hour sessions for students and staff who are looking for a quiet communal space to write up their research - these events will continue in 2017. Follow PGO news on Twitter: @PGSkillsStell and on Facebook.     

Note: The Postgraduate & International Office (PGIO) has been reorganised.  A Postgraduate Office (PGO) has been established and incorporated into the Division for Research Development (DRD). International activities are mostly conducted under the division “Stellenbosch University International” (SUI) now. All services continue as per usual, contact people have remained largely unchanged. Website changes are being implemented incrementally.

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