Global Service Learning

The Learning Sustainability and Community Engagement (LSCE) module has been renamed as Global Service Learning (GSL). The name better reflects how these programmes are referred to around the world and in the literature.

Global Service Learning (GSL) is an experiential learning programme offered by the Global Engagement Centre of Stellenbosch University and presented in collaboration with Ikaya Primary School in Kayamandi. The GSL course forms part of the academic offering to international students and is a credit bearing course - 38 SA credits (9 USA, 18 ECTS). The course requires students to apply and submit an essay for selection.

It is comprised of 90 in-class hours and 45 hours of on-site community engagement. This is a reading and writing intensive programme that will require many hours of self-study and group work to enable successful completion outside of ‘formal’ programme hours. In addition, students are highly encouraged to make use of the Programme Coordinator’s office hours for individual discussion and reflection time.

The programme is situated at the intersection between (international) education, community engagement, and sustainable development. Using a trans-disciplinary approach grounded in complexity theory, it primarily aims to a) harness students’ critical self-reflective capacity to engage with contemporary global issues in a local context, and b) use the community engagement vehicle critically as a tool for social impact.

It critically reflects on modernist, reductionist notions of development, investigating alternative possibilities in human-centred development, epistemic decolonisation, social justice, deep ecology, and aesthetic experience.

Students work closely in groups to develop a series of lesson plans for grade R learners (5 year olds) with the teacher of their class. These lessons align with the national curriculum but allow for the introduction of new and creative play-based learning activities into the school.   

Class Times: Mondays 8-2pm and Fridays 8-11am
For more information, contact Joe Warren.

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