Voluntarism and Community Engagement (VCE)

This is not an academic credit bearing programme. It incorporates  a training workshop and practical work.
This programme is offered twice a year;
  • during the first semester (February to May),
  • and during the second semester (July to October).
  • Students who participate in the SUI summer school, will also have an opportunity to engage briefly with a community.
Knowledge partners (community agencies)
  • The after school / middle childhood development programme is located at Vlottenburg Primary School.
  • The pre-school / early childhood development programme is located at Ikhaya Primary School in Kayamandi.
  • Enabling international students to work and learn with local communities.
  • Integrated academic and tacit knowledge.
  • Trans-disciplinary and multicultural perspectives
  • Understanding sustainable  community development.
  • Developing basic Knowledge Partnership skills.
  • Programme planning skills.
  • Record keeping skills.
  • Compiling a portfolio of evidence.
  • The ability to improvise.
  • Personal Discovery and Growth through participation in various group processes.     

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