English Support

Q: I have applied for the Intensive English Programme.  Do I have to start from the first level?

A: You will be given an indication of how many levels you may be required to complete for planning purposes. However, your actual level will only be known once you have been assessed after arrival.  More information can be found here.


Q: Can I apply for a full degree programme whilst still studying the English programme

A: Students can apply for a full degree programme while registered for the English Language Programme. However, they cannot study both simultaneously. Also, admission to the degree programme cannot be guaranteed and will depend in part on the student’s successful completion of the English Programme, that is, whether they have acquired adequate English language skills.

If you have applied for the English programme and a degree programme simultaneously and you have been accepted to the English programme, please note that admission is only for English Programme and not for the subsequent degree programme. 

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