Student Finance

Q: What is the tuition for international students?

A: Please go to the link here for academic fees.

For a budget request, please view link here.


Q: I would  appreciate if you could give me an approximate cost breakdown of fees in my country’s currency

A: Unfortunately we do not quote our study fees in foreign currency. If you want to pay in forex, the prevailing rate of exchange on the day of payment will apply. Please use the currency converter on XE's website.


Q: I am interested to find out the specifics and the different modes of payment that could be utilised in the event that I am admitted

A: Payment can be made by:

  1. Direct transfer into our University account (banking details provided in the budget).
  2. Credit card payment
  3. Cash or credit card payment at Student Fees Office upon arrival

More information can be found here.


Q: I am an international student.  I want to know about the terms of payment of my study fees.

A: The University’s rule is that international students are required to pay their study fees in full in advance or upon arrival at registration.


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