Global Education Centre

The Global Education Centre (GEC) enables the development and implementation of internationalisation-at-home initiatives and global engagement curricular development through co-curricular (short courses with the Frederik van Zyl Slabbert Institute) and curricular interventions aimed at contributing to the development of the graduate attributes and employability of our students, whilst providing support to teaching and learning environments where required. It develops, implements and manages a global engagement dimension for SU through the following programmes and initiatives, which support, promote and enable non-degree short-term incoming and outgoing international student mobility:

  • Winter and summer schools and short programmes
  • Non-degree incoming and outgoing exchanges
  • Study Abroad/Freemovers/Affiliates (research)

It further promotes and supports various community engagement initiatives in collaboration with local community agencies, such as schools and community development NPOs, as one of the principal vehicles for global engagement curricular advancement.



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