Celebrating African universities

SU International officially launch the Africa Centre for Scholarship (ACS) on 24 November. The launch event also served as SU’s celebration of African Universities Day (celebrated annually on 12 November). Prof Jonathan Jansen, distinguished professor in the Faculty of Education at SU was the keynote speaker at the event talking about “The problem with decolonisation”.  Click here for images from the event.

The purpose of the ACS, which amongst others houses the African Doctoral Academy (ADA) and the Southern African Systems Analysis Centre (SASAC), is to develop scholarship on the African continent.The Centre will also coordinate research within SU International on internationalisation and global engagement. Recent initiatives include establishing a research unit focusing on the Internationalisation of higher education and mechanisms for promoting African scholarship

African University Day has been celebrated by higher education institutions since 2005. The day puts African Higher Education in the spotlight, while it gives an opportunity to reflect on progress, challenges and opportunities faced by this sector.


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