Gaining experience, the SU–Leipzig way

Having worked together for two decades, Leipzig University in Germany is one of Stellenbosch University’s oldest partners. The two institutions’ collaboration in the field of student and staff mobility as well as research dates back to 1999. Over the years, many students and staff from both institutions have benefited from this collaborative relationship through two-way mobility. The latest to have received this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is Leipzig’s Marie Proetzsch, an MA student in Communication Management, who is currently completing an internship at SU International. 

Marie will be spending three months at SU, working closely with colleagues in the field of corporate communications and internationalisation.  

In addition to her studies, Marie works as an intern at Leipzig University’s International Centre, supporting their international public relations team. This made her a perfect fit for SU International’s communications team. The central objective of her visit, she says, is to have “an exchange where both sides learn from each other”. She is excited at the prospect of being exposed to the communication methods and processes used at SU, as well as gaining more insight into the South African culture.

A first-time visitor to South Africa, Marie says she did some prior research, talking to students and staff who had visited SU before. “Other University of Leipzig students who had spent a semester in Stellenbosch told me about their great South African experiences. During my internship, I hope to explore the similarities and differences between the two universities’ public relations work so that both sides could learn from each other through the exchange of experiences.”

Three weeks into her SU internship, Marie has already learnt a lot about the University and SU International. “I have had the opportunity to write and publish my own stories. I particularly appreciated that SU International’s communication and liaison officer had arranged meetings with other departments to provide me with a more holistic view of the University. I feel at home in the team – the only thing I miss is the German summer weather!”

Author: Refiloe Nkhasi 


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