Medical cover for international students

The South African Department of Home Affairs requires Proof of Medical cover registered with the SA Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 and paid for the duration of studies annually. Proof of membership is required for the study visa application and prior to registration at SU.  

Students are strongly advised to read the contents of their medical aid carefully and deal directly with the provider.

Please note that Stellenbosch University is not affiliated to any medical aid  provider. Stellenbosch University accepts any medical aid as long as it is registered in South Africa. Stellenbosch University International can facilitate students with information only to Momentum Health.  Students do not necessarily have to be covered by Momentum and are free to look at other schemes in South Africa. See options below

If you are interested in Momentum, please refer to Momentum’s student website where members can apply online and receive immediate confirmation of membership following an online card payment.

Go to  select “Join our Medical Aid” and complete all the required fields. Questions must be answered as already registered as a full-time student in order to have a successful application. Once completed, you’ll be asked “Pay now” or Pay later” select pay now to facilitate a credit or debit card payment. Confirmation of Membership will be emailed to you immediately provided an online payment is done.

Before starting the online application make sure you have your card / payment information ready to ensure a successful application.

Start date of cover should be the first of the month you intend to arrive at Stellenbosch University.  

Click here for Momentum Health.

Click here for CompCare Wellness.

Click here for Student Health Plan.

Click here for Profmed.


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