Undergraduate enrolments

We are excited that you are interested in applying to Stellenbosch University, and we hope to welcome you as a Matie student in the near future. Stellenbosch University International stands ready to assist you, as an international undergraduate applicant, with the following:

  • Immigration and health insurance requirements
  • Accommodation information
  • English language proficiency requirements
  • Matriculation exemption application (only in the second semester of an academic year)
  • Welcoming and orientation










All international students without South African citizenship will need a valid study visa. Your study visa application should be submitted in your country of origin before you travel to South Africa.


Health cover 

The South African Department of Home Affairs requires proof of medical cover registered with the South African Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998, and paid annually for the duration of your studies. You will need this proof to be able to apply for your study visa and register at Stellenbosch University.

Please note that Stellenbosch University is not affiliated to any particular health insurance provider. Therefore, any health insurance will be accepted, as long as it is registered in South Africa. We ask that you deal directly with the provider of your choice, and strongly encourage you to read the contents of your health insurance carefully.



All international students are responsible for securing their own accommodation. You have a number of options in terms of accommodation during your studies. You may stay in a university residence, in rooms or apartments administered by Stellenbosch University International (SU International), or in private housing. SU International tries to mediate on students’ behalf and will help you obtain acceptable housing as far as possible.

Remember, admission to an academic programme does not automatically mean that you have secured a place to stay. Like all other SU students, you will need to apply separately for accommodation.


Welcoming and orientation

All full-degree first-year students participate in the official Welcoming Programme hosted by the Division of Student Affairs at the start of the academic year.

At the start of each semester, Stellenbosch University International also organises a special orientation programme for all new international students. You will need to register for this programme. Topics covered during orientation include the following:

  • A general introduction to Stellenbosch and South Africa
  • Safety and security issues on campus
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Introduction to services on campus: Campus Health Services, Campus Security, Centre for Student Counselling and Development
  • Sports facilities, societies and performing arts
  • Academic expectations
  • South African politics and economics
  • Registration
  • Visas and other documents
  • Tours of campus, Stellenbosch town and Cape Town normally form part of the orientation events.

Transfer service 

Stellenbosch University International provides a transfer service to the Stellenbosch University campus from either Cape Town International Airport, Cape Town Station or certain bus terminals.

Our pick-up locations are:

  • Cape Town International Airport
  • Paarl bus station
  • Bellville bus station

Important: The transfer service is available to all new international students, but only on first arrival. Please remember to book the service with Stellenbosch University International.


Contact us 

Undergraduate international enrolments

Carmelita Talmarkes

E-mail: ctalmarkes@sun.ac.za

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