Namibian H- and O-levels

To obtain a certificate of complete exemption from the Matriculation Board a candidate requires four recognised Higher-level subject passes (grades 1 to 3 are required) and one Ordinary-Level pass including English Language on first or second language Higher Level, and approved Higher or Ordinary Level language on first language level (if English had been taken on the second language level) or a foreign language (if English had been taken on first language level) accompanied by pass marks in two Higher Level subjects selected from two of the following groups:

  • Group 3: A third language, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Physical Science or Biology
  • Group 4: Art, Economics, History, Geography or a subject from Group 3 excluding third languages provided offered for one group only
  • Group 5: Accounting, Computer Studies or Design and Technology provided the subject must be accompanied by a pass mark in Mathematics on at least OL

A certificate of foreign conditional exemption is issued to a candidate who has pass marks in four approved HL subjects and one approved OL subject credit, including English or English Language but no second language.

Check here for more information. Please note that you can only formally apply for matriculation exemption with final results. However you can consult the Matriculation Board to confirm whether or not you will qualify.

Matriculation Board General Enquiries:
Tel:  010 591 4401/2. For international callers: +27 (0)12 481 2922
Fax: 086 677 7744 (SA Only)

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