Masters' degree - how long?

According to Stellenbosch University regulations, the minimum period after which you may obtain a Master's degree subsequent to a Bachelor's degree is 2 years and subsequent to an Honours degree, 1 year. Most Master's students complete their degree in 2 - 3 years.

It is best to check with the course convenor what the minimum and maximum periods are for finishing the particular degree you are interested in. You can also consult the University Calendar for faculty specific provisions.

Some Master's courses are structured and you are obliged to follow the timetable of taught courses, followed by a more flexible period in which you are expected to produce a mini-dissertation. Other Master's courses are "research-only" degrees or "degrees by thesis", for which the time it takes to complete depends on the nature of your research and the time you have available to commit to your studies. Maximum periods allowed for completion will depend on your progress and on the course structure, but few are permitted to continue past 4 years.

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