Postdoc Opportunities at Stellenbosch

To obtain a postdoctoral fellowship at Stellenbosch University (or anywhere) you need to find a host (an academic/faculty member)  and funding. You may approach a host in response to an advertised position, or on your own initiative. Your potential host may be able to provide funding but there are several sources of freestanding funding for which you can apply. Such applications need to be supported by your potential host.
Freestanding Postdoc Funding Sources
National Research Foundation 
The NRF is South Africa’s main body for funding scientific research. The manual for applying for funding can be downloaded here.
Claude Leon Foundation
The Claude Leon Foundation is a private foundation that provides postdoctoral fellowships.
Stellenbosch University
Stellenbosch University has a limited number of freestanding scholarships.
This list is not comprehensive and there may be many additional sources of potential funding. The following link may be useful.


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