International Tuition Fee (ITF) 2019

The ITF represents an additional fixed amount charged annually for the duration of an academic programme and is payable in full at or prior to registration.

  • For 2019 the base ITF is set at R46 860 for international students from outside Africa enrolled for bachelors, honours and postgraduate diploma programmes, and R23 430 for those from outside Africa enrolled for master’s programmes.
  • A reduced amount of R22 170 will apply to students from African countries outside SADC enrolled for bachelors, honours and postgraduate diploma programmes.
  • Students who register in the 2nd semester of a specific academic year will still be charged the ITF which is payable for each academic year of registration. The academic year runs from January to December.


  • Students with Permanent residence in SA, including Refugee status students;
  • Students enrolled for PhD/Doctoral progammes;
  • Students enrolled for postgraduate programmes on the Telematic platform [ITE];
  • Students who are SADC citizens
  • Students from Africa beyond SADC enrolled in Master’s programme

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