Intensive English Programme (IEP)

The Language Centre offers intensive English courses which cater for the needs of international students of all levels, from beginner to pre-academic. The programme develops your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

Course schedule, duration and times

IEP courses are presented in blocks throughout the year. Course duration is 8 weeks with daily class of 4 hours, Monday to Friday. Each course comprises general English classes (3 hours) as well as academic skills classes (1 hour), from 8h30 to 16h30.

Block 1:  5 February - 29 March 2018

Block 2:  9 April –  1 June 2018

Block 3:  11 June – 3 August 2018

Block 4:  13 August – 5 October 2018

Block 5:  15 October - 7 December 2018

Course fee

The cost of each course/level is R 9139.00. The cost of tuition includes course materials.

The following additional levies, which are administered by the Stellenbosch University International (SUI), are payable upon course registration:

International registration fee (IRF) – R3905.00 (payable per academic year)

Student card fee – R90.00

You are expected to pay the entire academic fees (as stipulated on the letter of admission) prior to final registration.

Undergraduate studies:

Foreign applicants, who plan to study towards an undergraduate degree, must ensure that they qualify for admission to first degree studies at South African universities and meet the requirements set out by the Matriculation Board and Stellenbosch University. The list of qualifications is found on

Contact person: Carmelita Talmarkes (Stellenbosch University International -

Postgraduate studies: Foreign applicants are strongly advised to contact the respective faculties and/or departments at SU to enquire about additional application criteria such as the submission of either TOEFL or IELTS score or the required pass percentage of the IEP Pre-academic level.

Contact person: Cindy de Doncker (Postgraduate Office -

Download the IEP information guide

Contact Personnel details: 

Language Centre

Language and Communication Development - Intensive English Programme (IEP)

Karlien Cillié +27 21 808 4464

Stellenbosch University International

Carmelita Talmarkes +27 21 808 2910

Postgraduate Office

Cindy de Doncker +27 21 808 2566

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