Visa Information

International students are required to have a valid study visa to study at Stellenbosch University (SU). SU is not permitted to register a student without a valid temporary residence visa.
Please contact the nearest South African High Commission or Embassy ( to confirm the application process and supporting documents required for the visa application.
As part of your visa application, you will be required to submit a medical certificate and radiological report in addition to any other documents which may be required (consult with the South African mission closest to you). You will also have to provide proof of medical cover recognised in SA from a provider that is registered with the SA Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998.

Please note that Stellenbosch University is not affiliated to any medical aid provider.  We will accept your medical cover as long as it is from a provider registered with the SA Council for Medical Schemes in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998. It must be paid up for the full academic year (or for the relevant period for semester students).  Here is a list of student medical aid options to consider.  The list is not exhaustive, thus you can opt for other schemes of your choice.  Students are advised to contact the medical aid providers directly.

Click here for Momentum Health.

Click here for CompCare Wellness.

Click here for Profmed.

Click here for TopMed.

Click here for a comprehensive list of medical schemes in South Africa.

IMPORTANT: Please note it can take several weeks to obtain a visa, but the circumstances may vary from country to country. Start your visa application by acquainting yourself with the necessary supporting documentation which may be time-consuming to obtain. Please ensure that you submit a complete application for your visa.
This information serves as a guide only. Requirements for obtaining a visa for South Africa are subject to change and each application is treated as an individual case. Always enquire from your nearest SA Mission before travelling to South Africa.

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