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Register for the Matie Buddy Programme for theSecond Semester 2017!


Are you an international exchange student coming to Stellenbosch University next semester? If so, then you must be overwhelmed by an array of emotions. The one moment you might be excited and then the very next you might feel anxious or nervous.


If you are worried or feeling anxious, I suggest you worry no more and sign up for a Matie Buddy. A Matie Buddy is a local student that will make contact with you before you arrive in Stellenbosch. They along with the staff of Stellenbosch University International will attempt to settle your nerves by providing with information that you may want to know prior to your arrival.


Although it is not mandatory to apply for a Matie Buddy we recommend that you do so. It is necessary that you submit your application as soon as possible to get in touch with your buddy before you begin packing! 


Take 2 minutes and fill in the application form! For more information contact us at

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