I want to enrol at SU

The information contained in this section is for international students who wish to undertake studies or a research visit at Stellenbosch University, not for the purposes of obtaining a degreet at SU.

International students have a wide variety of options for non-degree purposes,  these include:

  • semester exchanges, if you're from a partner university, during which time you spend a semester at Stellenbosch University,
  • studying as a freemover, if you're from a non-partner university, where you pursue select modules,
  • affiliated research: where the purpose is a short-term academic, research visit
  • attending a summer school
  • studying through tailored programmes (as agreed between Stellenbosch University and your home institution)
  • or studying through affiliated organisations, such as CIEE or AIFS


Browse through this section to find the options available for students.

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