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Please ensure that you complete the learning agreement in your application form. You can list more courses than you need credit for, but please make sure that you indicate how many credits you need and also which courses you have to take. We will then liaise with the relevant departments.  You will not be able to attend courses for which you did not get pre-approved.  Once we’ve received feedback on your course selection, we will return your learning agreement. You can however take fewer courses than you were pre-approved for. The final learning agreement must be signed by your home coordinator. Please take note of the following important notes on courses at Stellenbosch University.

Course Admission Procedure at Stellenbosch University

The applicant’s listed courses are manually processed and evaluated to give applicants enough courses to choose from for registration after arrival. The Course admission procedure is to be viewed and understood in three phases:

1) Application Process:

The course applications are handed in online.

All courses should be listed the first time.

However, a second application phase will be opened by a date, decided on by the Stellenbosch programme coordinator.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

2) Evaluation Process:

Firstly, SU International works through the courses, making initial approvals and rejections – mainly based on semester offering and clear proof of academic background.

Secondly the courses are sent to the relevant Departments for their input. The approval or rejection of these courses are at the Department’s discretion and their decision cannot be overturned by the Office.

After the Evaluation Process, each student will receive the list of approved courses.                                               

                                                                        3) Registration Process: After Arrival, during the compulsory orientation week, students are to hand in a Final Course Registration Form. This form lists the students’ final choice of courses for the Semester. No changes are to be made after a certain date as set out by the Office and University Guidelines. If a course is not deregistered within these dates and the course is not complete, it will reflect as a Fail on the Academic Transcript.


The limited number of courses that can be registered amount to 64 S Credits, 32 ECTS, 16 USA Credits                                                                             


Finding courses at Stellenbosch University

Mainstream Courses:

Undergraduate Courses

At Stellenbosch University, most undergraduate degree programmes are three years. The level of application is compared to the applicant’s academic background. However, first year level courses are open to all applicants. Courses on second or third (final) year level, pre-requisites need to be considered. If no pre-requisites are listed, applicants are encouraged to apply for the course target of their choice as well as lower level courses to enlarge the possibility of admission. The levels of the courses are indicated by the three-digit course code, also called module codes, as listed in Addendum A. Each course is presented by a specific academic Department, but also falls under a specific division, as indicated by a five-digit code.                                                                                

Postgraduate Courses

At Stellenbosch University, postgraduate courses are divided into two levels: Honours and Masters. The Honours year refers to yearlong degrees in which students further their studies in one of their majors. Modules from these degrees are indicated by a three-digit code, starting with a 7. Master courses, distinguished by the number 8, are limited as many Master degrees at Stellenbosch University are Thesis/Research based and modular work is not always an option.

The postgraduate courses are listed in the front part of the yearbooks or on the respective Department’s website. Applicants are to inquire about the offering of postgraduate courses per Semester. Upon request, the GEC will contact the relevant Department for more information.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

General: Please see the following document for instructions of how to find courses.

Per department: Please see the following document for important course selection information per department.

(Updated: 7 March 2018)

Specific Announcement in regards to the postgraduate courses of the Department of Business Management:

  • Limited amount of international students allowed in courses. There’s therefore a possibility that students may sit in classes amongst other international students only, with no interaction with South African students.

Useful links in your search for courses are supplied in the above two documents, and will lead you to:

Global Education Programmes (GEP) Offering:

For a summary of the GEP course offering, please download the current semester’s GEP course offering. Students are advised to select their first course choices from the mainstream courses, for integration purposes, since GEP courses are attended only by international students. Also, a much wider variety of course options are available in the mainstream. 


Name Change Announcement: The Learning Sustainability and Community Engagement (LSCE) module has been renamed as Global Service Learning (GSL). The name better reflects how these programmes are referred to around the world and in the literature. Please download the course outline here.

For an overview of our community engagement programmes, please see the following link.


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