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Please ensure that you complete the learning agreement in your application form. You can list more courses than you need credit for, but please make sure that you indicate how many credits you need and also which courses you have to take. We will then liaise with the relevant departments.  You will not be able to attend courses for which you did not get pre-approved.  Once we’ve received feedback on your course selection, we will return your learning agreement. You can however take fewer courses than you were pre-approved for. The final learning agreement must be signed by your home coordinator. Please take note of the following important notes on courses at Stellenbosch University.

Finding mainstream courses at Stellenbosch University

General: Please see the following document for instructions of how to find courses.

Per department: Please see the following document for important course selection information per department.

(Updated: 7 March 2018)

Global Education Programmes (GEP) Offering 

For a summary of the GEP course offering, please download the current semester’s GEP course offering. Students are advised to select their first course choices from the mainstream courses, for integration purposes, since GEP courses are attended only by international students. Also, a much wider variety of course options are available in the mainstream. 


Learning for Sustainable community Engagement

Download LSCE Course Information.


Download LSCE Course Application form.

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