Course Overview and Practicalities

The prospective Freemover applicant is not bound to choose courses from a single degree programme and/or a single year offering’s courses within a degree. The student may choose from any Faculty and any Department’s course offering. It is recommended that the Freemover applicant lists more courses than credit is needed for credit transfer purposes to the home university, since the probability exists that course clashes can occur within the semester’s weekly timetable. Course timetable clashes would mean that the courses will be mutually exclusive for registration purposes, since all class attendance is compulsory at Stellenbosch University. Students are expected to work out their academic timetables prior to arrival for the semester.

For all academic fields, (*with the exception of one Department only) the prospective Freemover applicant is welcome to choose from any field of study on offer within any academic Department at Stellenbosch University. As long as the student keeps in mind that course timetable clash possibilities exist, and that the student would need to be flexible in terms of their final course registration choice. The final course registration takes place after arrival only. When the student hands in the final course registration, the student needs to be sure that class clashes do not occur.

*Prospective Freemover applicants interested in conducting courses from the mainstream Visual Arts Department are limited to select courses strictly from one academic degree programme from one academic year level only. This is due to the fact that the practical periods are very time intensive and all students in these practical courses follow the same mainstream courses. The applicant should be prepared to hand in a practical portfolio for admission consideration purposes.

For your search for academic courses, it is recommended that you consult the Undergraduate and Postgraduate guideline/ summary documents first of all:

For Undergraduate course application options, please click here.

For Postgraduate course application options, please click here.

Useful links in your search for courses are supplied in the above two documents, and will lead you to:

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